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Clinics Now Open For The Weekend

We’ve Listened To Your Feedback:

@DDM:Since I’ve returned to work, the only time I can go to the hospital for my sick child is on the weekend.

@GD:Why isn’t it possible to have vaccinations on the weekend? Although the epidemic has improved, I don’t  want my child to interact with lots of others. 

@CY:If I take off to see a doctor, this will impact my work so I have to spread out my treatments. 

From June 1st, appointments could now be made over the weekend for Pediatrics, Surgical and Internal Medicine! 


As busy parents and working professionals, we all know our time is limited and precious. That’s why, at OASIS, we’ve made it easier to book appointments on your schedule! Pediatrics, Early Childhood Development and Internal Medicine clinics are now open on Saturdays and Sundays. Surgical Outpatient Clinic is open on Saturdays, and the Ophthalmology Clinic will open on Saturdays, offering all the same examinations as those offered during the week.

For your convenience, Pediatric vaccinations and HPV vaccinations are available by appointment Monday through Sunday.



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