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OASIS Blood Drive April 24th, Saturday 9am-2pm

China may not lack in volume of people, but what they do lack in is Rh-Negative Blood. Only 3 in 1000 Chinese people are born Rh-Neg. This low volume of Rh-Neg Blood type has thus been nicknamed "panda blood". 

In much of Europe, Rh-Neg blood types constitute about 15% of the population. China's supplies of Rh-Neg blood are highly dependent on the genorosity and dedication of foreigner blood donors to maintain supplies. 

If you are a first time donor, don't be nervous. Hear the words of our past newbie donor turned life-long donor for inspiration:


“I was a bit nervous. This thick and cold needle seemed strong enough to hurt my arm, but at the same time I was feeling very proud and happy since I was thinking that my blood can save another’s life. As long as I keep fit, I will continue doing this good cause for our society.”


Step-By-Step Process for Blood Donation


What You Will Need!

Passport/CHN ID

AGED 18-55yrs ONLY




Register through the MyOASIS official account

or Email: ashley.gaul@oasishealth.cn





Before donation, try eating a iron rich breakfast such as 

cereals, eggs, meat, poultry or fish. 

Fruit such as strawberries and watermelon are also 

nonheme iron rich, so are legumes such lentils or even tofu.

Avoid alcohol, fatty foods, iron blockers and aspirin.



Form Registeration

Donors are first invited to fill out a blood donation 

form detailing your information and health condition



Nursing Consult

Next step is to have your blood pressure taken 

and a sample of your blood tested for eligibility



Blood Donation

Sit down and try to relax for the next 15mins 

or so while your blood is collected



Goodie Bag

Don't forget to collect your goodie bag as you exit blood donation 

and enter the festivities within the main lobby area of the hospital





As COVID-19 vaccinations roll out, this is an important question for all.

Q: How long after vaccination am I eligible to donate blood?

A: 48Hrs after vaccination you may donate as long as you are symptom free and feeling well.



Q: How long after getting a tattoo can you donate blood in China?

A: One year after getting a tattoo.



Q: Is there a minimum weight to be eligible for blood donation?

A: Yes, you must be over 50kg.



Q: Pregnant women CANNOT donate, but how long postpartum are you eligible again to donate?

A: 6 weeks after giving birth, if you have the energy and time, you are eligible.



Those aged 18-55yrs, healthy, without infection, fever or health conditions that would be advised against donating, are eligible for blood donation. Check with the nurse on the day if you are eligible to give blood, if not, just enjoy the fun and entertainment!